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Uproot: CD

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Thanks from the heart to everyone involved in the production of this record; to all the musicians who put their soul, talent and special touch into this project. I am forever grateful to you for making this dream my reality.

Special thanks to Mathias Schneeberger, for jumping in the last minute to do an amazing work on this record. Thanks for letting me get away with some valuable mixing and production lessons. I appreciate our friendship that grew out of this experience. I will forever cherish our Silverlake jam session we did that hot summer night in L.A., playing and singing with the crickets. So glad it became part of this record.   

TO MY LOVE STEPHANE: We did it babe! Can’t thank you enough for your endless support in life and in this project. You are a true source of inspiration on how to believe in dreams. You trusted in me and encouraged me to trust myself even when times were rough. Thanks for always reminding us to remember the magical moments experienced in the making of this record. You have helped me grow by challenging and pushing me far beyond my comfort zone. I love your singular taste in music. This record is as much yours as it is mine. Jeta ime.  

VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO VJOSA. You are an incredible sister. Thank you for your amazing support, for your valuable insights, and for exploring ideas and sharing your sincerest thoughts in the process. Thanks for embracing my inner voice in times of doubt, but mostly for being a source of light and laughter in my most vulnerable moments. Your talent is a whole other level and your creativity and artistic taste amaze me everyday. I love you mylil’.

SPECIAL THANKS TO ALBAN HI-DINI, for being the coolest brother and a tireless help with the project. Thanks for all the love and for pushing me to trust my intuitive and experimental approach. Your expert sound engineering advice and personal reflection on this record were at times a crucial factor in production work. As for the occasional pushing of my buttons, well, that too was all worth it. Love always.

TO MY DEAREST MOTHER: Thanks for bringing me into this world and always showing me the magic in it despite all the struggle. Mam, mbështetja dhe dashnia jote e pashterrshme janë forca ma e madhe për mu. Të du.

TO MY DEAR FRIEND SARAH, for your true friendship, your honesty and all the emotional support. Everyone needs a friend who brings forth their true self, who accepts their most vulnerable side and yet pushes them to share their calling regardless of the inner fears. Love you and miss our jam sessions and the freedom I feel when we create together.

TO JODI, for being my spiritual healer and my friend. We had found each other at a time when I felt lost, confused and stuck inside my own walls. Thank you for channeling my energy with your mesmerizing wisdom through which I found my soul again. That experience ignited a new pulse and rhythm in me. I know you will read this and say “I didn’t do anything, it happened because you were ready”. One Love Jod.

TO NATHALIE for the precious friendship and for being the best mind-body workout master. Thanks for all the support and for keeping me in tune with myself.

TO GAËLLE for the wonderful friendship and for always being there, sharing your experiences, and going out of your way to helping me out.

TO DARAN for offering your generous help in some important moments during the production. I still like the term “wartone” that you coined for my music :)

TO MY LIFE COMPANION CHAPLIN for teaching me every day how to be a better person. Thanks for lending me your ba(r)cking vocals.

SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FRIENDS IN MONTREAL who have helped me through the transitional times and have made me feel welcomed as I was making Montreal my new home away from home. Merci aussi à tout ma belle famille à Quebec City.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL MY DEAR FRIENDS AND MY LOVING FAMILY BACK IN KOSOVË. I thank each and everyone of you for all the love and the memories shared over the years. I appreciate your constant support. You are my roots and the motivation that fuels me to perservere and reach for higher things in life. You Rock!

This is for you Dad…