Pretty Lies

Mimoza H

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Pretty Lies

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In PRETTY LIES you can feel my disquiet heart about injustice!

Available July 30, 2020

This song helped me express and appease the anger I hold inside about the wrongdoings, deceptions and lies that reflect the reality of social injustice and our business entertainment not to mention the numerous challenges and obstacles in advancing the role and position of women in the industry.

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In writing the lyrics, I realized the extent of anger I hold inside about the wrongdoings, deceptions and lies. Feeling overwhelmed with emotion, I needed to artistically express myself to nurture and ignite change on certain perceptions.

The best way to tell the narrative was to make a video
using strong images and statements that depict my frustration with deceitful acts, twisted games and exploitations by the
powers that be. The octopus scene is the pinnacle of the story that symbolizes both sides of the coin. The tentacles represent the deep-anchored illusion that upholds the system’s network as well as the intelligence, vision and insights to unravel truths that influence positive change.